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    Poem of a Wolf.


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    Poem of a Wolf. Empty Poem of a Wolf.

    Post  Starfire on Thu Jan 06, 2011 12:26 am

    I did not write this I got this off of a site:

    The Wolf Spirit

    I am a wolf,

    running through the trees.

    Following the scents,

    on the midnight breeze. I am a wolf,

    howling beneath a silver moon.

    Hoping that my loyal pack,

    will answer back quite soon. I am a wolf,

    standing with my beautiful mate.

    We must stand strong and brave,

    and face any challenges we meet. I am a wolf,

    Hunting with my pack.

    With the young and the old wolves waiting,

    for meat to be brought back. I am a wolf,

    and I must kill to survive.

    But isn't that something we all must do,

    in order to stay alive? I am a wolf,

    with standing man's fear and hate.

    But many have come to love wolves,

    and for us that's quite a treat. I am a wolf,

    wild, fierce and free.

    Living in forests and mountains,

    stretching as far as the eye can see.I am a wolf,

    I'd never want to be anything more.

    And I hope that even after I'm gone,

    there will be wolves forever more.

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