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    Kiba's Biography -Edited-


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    Kiba's Biography -Edited- Empty Kiba's Biography -Edited-

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    Name meaning
    'Fangs' in Japanese.牙


    Around two and a half- exactly 2 years and 4 months

    Physical Description
    Kiba is tall and has a lot of stamina. He is very fast and is also strong. His fur is thin and short. On his neck, belly and tail, his fur is long and thick. He is lean and a bit muscular. Kiba's fur is auburn with black on his back, tail tip and ear tips. Tan is on his undersides and brown is mixed in. His eyes are emerald green. He has long, sharp teeth, god for fighting and killing when needed.

    Kiba loves to enjoy himself and tends to be ambitious. He usually jumps to conclusions when in a hurry. He dislikes being in a rush, and would much rather take his time. He doesn't like to fight, so he tries to avoid them. When a fight does break out, he tries to stop it from getting worse. He enjoys playing with hints of aggression. Some say he's out of his league in battle, but he doesn't care, he merely laughs and says that he is perfectly fine. He can be extremely protective, referring his superiors with the suffix 'sama' as it is highly respectful, he calls misbehaving pups 'yankii', and refers those he is neutral towards with 'san'. He calls males younger than himself 'kun' and his close friends, family and young pups 'chan'.

    Tsume- Mother
    Daimaru- Brother (Deceased)

    None, Kiba is seeking the love of a mate.

    Kiba was born in a litter of six pups. Four of them died and his parents grieved over it. His other sibling died of hunger. A female wolf cared for him until he was one. She had more pups, along with his parents. He helped her with the pups and left when he was two so he could find a pack. Later on, he fought with a rogue wolf and bore a scar on his chest after the battle. He ultimately killed the wolf in a blood pond. He left the area, his wounds healed shortly after, a gash on his chest was his reminder of that battle. He found a pack and hoped to join it.




    Kiba is fast, and has a lot of stamina. He is an intelligent wolf and is clever. He is also strong.

    He is easy to sweet talk when offered something he is fond of or desires.

    Playing, food, pups, happiness.

    Mean wolves, fighting, unfairness.

    He has a habit of ending most sentences with 'un'.


    Reference pictures
    Kiba's Biography -Edited- Kiba10

    Kiba's Biography -Edited- Kiba_a10

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    nice bio i like it hope you like it here.

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    nice bio Kiba.

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    Great job Kiba!

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